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One of the most creative communities on the North Coast, Bellingen continues to captivate newcomers young and old. Whether it’s the Arts, Music, Food or Architecture, the Bellinger Valley houses some of the most colorful communities and events in NSW. The 3500 locals come from all walks of life: some third generation families, other from cities nationally and internationally, all with their story of how they ‘found’ Bellingen.

Many businesses were once heartland city folk who’ve brought with them their cosmopolitan trends and superior customer service. The healthy ‘alternate’ dedication to family, community and balanced lifestyle, a strong denominator that unifies the town.

Classic heritage buildings line the streets, providing great spaces for the eclectic range of shops. From the classiest labels to grass roots organic produce, this is the shoppers’ Mecca. Every therapist or rejuvenating experience is available here: Your imagination, the only limitation!

Pottery, woodworking, opal cutting, glass blowing, organic produce, silk painting…rain or shine there’s always something to see or do.


Camp Creative…each January this creative arts Summer School brings the creative at heart to Bellingen to fulfill their dreams under the guidance of world class tutors.

Jazz Festival…held each year in August, when music fills the streets and venues of Bellingen.

Global Festival.. a feast of world music and food held annually over the October long weekend.

Community markets the 3rd Saturday of each month, where the artistic and locally produced is on show.

Secret swimming holes

Merely seven metres above sea level the riparian rainforest that surrounds this small country town flanks the valleys of Kalang, Thora & Gleniffer.

10km to the north of Bellingen, via Gleniffer Rd, lies the aptly named Never Never River - known as ‘The Promised Land’. Here you will find crystal clear water complete with frogs and dragonflies, huge smooth boulders on which to rest those weary bones and take in the best that Nature offers. Mountains, deep swimming holes, tree swings and picnic perfection – what more does one need?

The night is alive…

Besides the delightful restaurants, musicians and the characters of Bellingen nightlife there are the Bats! Yes, fruit bats – zillions of them!

Nightly they fly out in differing directions, according to the location of flowering and fruiting trees within a radius of 30 kilometres. Lavenders Bridge, separating Bellingen North & South, is absolutely the best spot to watch this impressive display just after dusk…

You can access their habitat: Bellingen Island, around the corner from Lavenders Bridge. This is where they live by day, sleeping or actively grooming, socialising, caring for babies, flying around, and staring wide eyed at inquisitive visitors! Whilst they are used to the passing parade we do ask that you go carefully and quietly – you are in their bedchamber after all!